break over.

Trinity likes wearing my Sock Monkey hat. As she should. So Thanksgiving was nice. The food was yummy and the drama was minimal. (IT IS A MIRACLE!) Check it out. I had some Thanksgiving Hammock Time…

Not pictured: Red Wine.

I didn’t have the boys this Turkey Day, so at their request on Wednesday night, we had breakfast for dinner as our Thanksgiving celebration. It was very tasty, if I do say so myself.

Friday, El Jefe and I headed to Birdrunner’s house to watch the game. I’m sorry our hogs lost, but the fact that the only two teams that beat them were both #1 at the time, makes me quite proud to be a Razorback.

Saturday it RAINED ALL THE RAIN. And I stayed inside and did ALL THE ORGANIZING EVER. And laundry.El Jefe and I also embarked on a Dollhouse marathon…I had only seen 3 of the episodes when it originally aired. OMG that show is amazing.

Sunday, El Jefe and I continued the Dollhouse marathon instead of the other stuffs we had planned to do. We seriously didn’t move from the big couch (aka the bed) and we watched all of season 2 until it was over.

And then we had ALL THE SADS because that show was amazing. Why do all the good shows get cancelled?

Hope your Thanksgiving weekend was lovely.

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