ok daddy-o

Here’s a confession. In general, I don’t like musicals. Naturally there are a few exceptions such as Grease, Mamma Mia, The Sound of Music, Dr. Horrible’s Sing-a-long Blog…but mostly, if people are bursting into song in the middle of a movie, my ears start to bleed.

This weekend, El Jefe was a little distraught over the fact I had never seen West Side Story, so when it popped up on the TV guide, we watched.

Well, I can check that movie off my bucket list. (not that it was ever on it, but still. I’ve seen it now.)

And what did I think of it?

  • Natalie Wood and Rita Moreno looked beautiful. 
  • I would wear every single dress in the movie.

  • I detest Natalie Wood’s singing voice.
  • Bernardo looked like he was made of cheese and spray paint. 
  • There is nothing sexy about being a Jet or a Shark. Snapping ain’t cool, daddy-o.

Okay, I can say I’m glad I’ve seen the movie, but I can also say, it did not win me over…

And now you know why I can’t stand Glee…

PS: I’m working on my Bachelor recap for Hey Don’t Judge Me! it should be up this afternoon….

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