I cannot tell a lie

I’m very excited about seeing The Lorax. It was one of my all time favorite Dr. Seuss books, even with it’s doom, gloom, and smog. It was reality wrapped up in tiny furry guy with a giant yellow mustache.

Also, I wanted a Truffula Tree

I mean, who wouldn’t want a tree that looked like Cotton Candy growing in their yard?

Guess who’s never read The Lorax? El Jefe. Guess who’s gonna be reading it very soon? El Jefe.


So it’s Monday morning, and I spent the weekend running Rader to soccer, walking, burning stuff, and having beers with Birdrunner. El Jefe and I also took the dogs to the park where they explored the creek and had a very fun time.

Oh! And I washed my car! BlueBelle hasn’t had a bath in a very long time. She looks so much better now.

I’m sure I did other stuff too, but really, who cares? My life is so boring, I’m even putting myself to sleep. Sorry about that.

Hopefully, it won’t stay boring too much longer, because The Month of Mel begins in 3 days….

Are. You. Ready?

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