Oh. My.

You know how when you make plans and then Karma throws a wrench at you and you can’t dodge it? Sigh. Yeah. (I swear I could dodge a ball, though! I swear it!)

My brakes are grinding to a halt. So today I’ll be spending a half-a-million-billion dollars to have them fixed. You know why? Because I finally had a little padding in my checking account. IT ALWAYS HAPPENS THIS WAY.  Screw you, Karma. I’ve paid my debt plus interest. Go away.

Sorry. I really hate being negative. I hate it. I’m around it all the time at work and sometimes it seeps into my otherwise awesome and sparkly disposition.

Okay, I’m done now. I will not drown in my own pity party. It’s not like it changes things anyway…it just makes me no fun.

And you know, I’m all about the fun. and Sparkle. I need some sparkle. or a sparkler.

In news of the AWESOME variety…El Jefe and I will be sitting in the same room with Mr. Sulu tonight!

That’s right! George Takei in in Little Rock and will be giving a lecture for the Clinton School tonight and I’m totally gonna stalk him! I can’t wait. He’s so awesome.

I guess the silver lining to getting my brakes repaired today is that I get a half-day off to enjoy this beautiful weather. It’s gonna be 80 degree and sunny all day.

Oh. My. Indeed.

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