Month of Mel 2012: Days 6 & 7

Sorry about missing yesterday. I got up late, was busy at work, and by the time I got home, I just didn’t feel like blogging.

However, my Bachelor The Women Tell All recap did get posted yesterday…You should click the link and go read it. And you should retweet it and forward it on and like it on facebook and do whatever you can to help a sista out. Actually, I think you should go read all my Bachelor recaps because I’m funny. Also we’re having a contest and the more people who go to Hey Don’t Judge Me from my posted links, the better chance I have at winning $100. I’m not gonna lie. I want to win.

BTW, we’ve added two knew shows…my Canuck friends should be very happy we’ve added BOMB GIRLS! and we’ve also added White Chapel.

The girls got a little stabby with each other on Women Tell All. I really wanted to see some real blood or at least some Jell-o Wrestlin’…sadly, it was just their words that cut like a knife.

ION, mine and Bell Bottoms’ Studio 54 themed Housewarming/Birthday Bash is getting closer. Last night I purchased some Gold and Silver door fringe as well as a bubble machine. I may or may not have also added these to my outfit of awesome:

Now, if I can just make sure my hair does what it’s supposed to do. Note to self: Buy lots of Rave #4.

El Jefe is going to have an amazing mustache. AMAZING. Now we just need to find him some gold chains…

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