Monat der Mel 2012: Tag 21

Ahem, and for Day 21 of the Month of Mel we celebrate in Lederhosen and drink from steins…because yesterday I sold German rights to BITE ME! in German language worldwide. Plans are for a September 2012 release!

Maybe it will sell well and they’ll decide to purchase rights to LOVE SUCKS! next.

In other, less exciting news, IT IS RAINING ALL THE RAIN today. ALL. THE. RAIN.

We needed it to wash away the pollen, but we didn’t need this much. And we’re expecting up to 5 inches more today. Whoa and Damn. Lots of water falling from the sky and rising up from the rivers.

Despite the gloomy day, I’m a very happy camper. There’s extra sparkle to go around, so if you need some, line up. I gots plenty.

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