oh it’s a good friday indeed.

Bobcat Greyskull loves this azalea bush because of the butterflies. He’s the master of butterfly attacks and I try to be their protector, but sadly, he still manages to get one or two.

Clementine is hard core. Butterflies are for babies. She laughs at them. Yesterday, apparently she brought El Jefe a cardinal. I saw a giant crow in the field today and wondered where Clementine was hiding. I know she was plotting its demise.

So this is apparently Easter weekend. Happy Easter to those of you who celebrate. What this means for me? Mom’s baked ham. Mmmmmm.

Today is pedi day! I’m so excited because my disco toes now look like they’ve been used up in a back alley and left for dead.

In other news…my flower bed is sprouting! I planted Zinnias, Sweet William, Cosmos, Daisies (duh), Cornflower, and Foxglove. My house should be full of fresh cut flowers this summer. YAY!

So happy happy weekend to all my peeps. <–hurr (see what I did there? Easter? Peeps? Hurr Hurr!) I’ll see you Monday!

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