out with the old…

It’s time to purge. Clean out my closets…sweep up the cobwebs…scrub the baseboards of my life.

And yes, I’m being both literal and metaphorical because that’s how I roll.

I started boxing up some old clothing yesterday. Actually, it would be more accurate to say I “bagged up” some clothes that I just don’t wear anymore. And I’m cleaning out my closet this afternoon and doing the same. When you live in a small space you have to be creative with storage. And who wants to waste what little storage there is on clothing that isn’t worn? Not me said the flea.

Our new furniture is being delivered on Thursday, and so I’m making a fresh start…And since Mother’s Day is this weekend, I’m thinking my boys will be making a fresh start in their rooms as well. “Mom what do you want for M-Day?” Flowers to plant, mani/pedi gift cert…and FOR YOU TO CLEAN YOUR ROOMS.

Hmmmm. Let’s see which of those three items I actually get.

I also want them to cook me breakfast Sunday morning…is it wrong to ask them to fix me the perfect Bloody Mary, too? Probably. But who cares? I’m already the “world’s greatest mom” anyway…this will just add one more notch on my awesome mom belt. (BTW, the perfect Bloody Mary is made with Zing Zang, Black Pepper Vodka, Green Olives and a lime) (spicy green beans/asparagus optional.)

Thanks for all the sweet words, texts, & FB comments about our beloved BCGS. He will be missed. In other cat of the awesome news, check out the world’s dirtiest cat, Clementine:

This cat is bad-ass. She brings us birds all the time. Killed a possum an opossum last week. And sadly, she got herself a bunny over the weekend. She’s a hardcore hunter. I bet she would even outwit Predator.

Clementine vs. Predator: Hunter Games

Yeah. I crack myself up.

Later y’all! Have a great Tuesday!

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