From 12:00-2:00

Our furniture is being delivered today. Let us hope it’s closer to 12:00 than 2:00.

Oh wait. I still need to vacuum where the bed is going. I ran out of time this morning. So maybe I should be hoping it’s closer to 2:00 than 12:00…

Either way, YAY FURNITURE!

You know, I understand that these delivery dudes have to schedule multiple deliveries on a single day, but I find it so frustrating that I have to plan a 2 (ok, more likely 4) hour chunk out of my day to be there. It wasn’t free delivery…we’re paying these dudes to deliver and set up. So really? Please don’t make it a 4 hour wait time. You said 12-2…and I’m gonna hold you to it. Mmmmkay?

Let’s see…what else is going on….

Well it’s mother’s day weekend and it looks like the kids will be serving an awesome group of moms brunch on Sunday at the Partyhood. Aw yeah. I think they should wear uniforms and everything…. I believe there will be Bloody Marys and Mimosas involved in this affair, so we will be winning the Mothers of the Year award again. Because obviously, we are.

Clementine is missing Bobcat Greyskull. Well, she’s not “missing” his sneak attacks and his pouncing ninja moves, but she is obviously feeling his absence. She’s been sleeping with us every night, which is highly unusual for her. And she’s also not like other cats…when you roll over, she doesn’t jump up and move…she’s like a lump on a log. Dead weight. Warm and fuzzy dead weight…

See where Ruby and Clementine’s butts meet? That’s where my leg belongs….

It’s Thursday, bitches! The weekend is almost here. Let’s get our party on!

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