red couches are awesome and a happy ending

I love our new couch! It’s comfy, cozy and RED! I had to cover it up this morning because when I got home yesterday after work, Ruby had decided she could, in fact, jump up on the couch. It’s funny that when we’re home, how her legs suddenly stop working and she has to beg us for help. Our help is in the form of a Harry Potter pillow on the floor. “Get on your pillow, Ruby.” and she does. But when no one is at home, she thinks the couch is her domain. Hmph.

Speaking of pet domains…

The bed is so high off the ground that only Clementine can jump up. Ruby struggles even with her step-stool and Trin Trin just can’t jump that high anymore. Which leads me to a story of love and trust:

Once upon a time, about 18 months ago, an awesome Red-head and an awesome Jefe started dating. Jefe had two dogs, one who loved the red-head without question, and the other who could only look at the red-head if Jefe was in the room. And even then, it was with a side glance. There was no trust between this dog and the red-head.

Time passed and the dog started allowing the red-head to feed her snacks and occasionally let her outside. Eventually Jefe and the dog moved to Arkansas, and the dog slowly warmed up the the red-head and her two boys. But still, there wasn’t much love or trust–just appreciation for land and treats.

Several more months pass, and the dog seems to have developed a love for the red-head. Well, maybe not love, but a strong like–an affection. The dog greets the red-head with excitement when she comes home for work and sleeps next to her on the bed in the mornings. The red-head is very pleased with the progress as this dog is very loving and loyal to her people. Well her Person. The red-head is starting to feel a little bit like she belongs to the dog, even if only on the periphery.

Which brings us to today, when the dog wanted on the bed (see above). The dog asked the red-head for help by nosing her leg and panting. The dog then allowed the red-head to lift her onto the bed without a hesitation or a growl.

The red-head now believes she may actually be considered one of the dog’s people. Not completely, but there is at least love and trust now. The Red-Head is very happy.

I love happy endings, don’t you? (ahem…c’mon guys! This is a PG-13 blog. Sorta.)

Happy Friday, bitches! And to all the awesome moms out there, enjoy your weekend! 

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