chubby stick?

I’m not going to lie. This new Clinique product is equal parts win and fail.

I mean, wow. A Chubby Stick for your lips.

Can you imagine being out with your girlfriend and she asks to borrow some lipstick… My answer would be, “Sure! Let me pop a Chubby out of my purse for you!”

And that makes the Chubby Stick full of win….

That is the ONLY thing that makes this product Winner Winner Chubby Dinner though. I don’t care how good the Chubby Stick is…there is no way I’m putting that thing near my mouth. Who wants to color their lips with a Chubby Stick? Anyone? No.

Sorry Clinique. You get points for allowing me to make putting on lipstick a euphemism…but that’s it. Maybe this is being marketed to high-class hookers? I mean, I can see some stiff competition for the right color Chubby Stick. The marketing team should present a full-package work up for all Madams and Pimps.

Okay, this is going downhill fast. I’m on my knees begging you to forgive…my mouthwordplay.

Seriously, though. C’mon Clinique. Chubby Stick?

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