You’re welcome for this video.

My favorite moment from our Mother’s Day brunch yesterday… We had a great day. The Godfodda transformed into a fabulous chef and prepared us a yummy brunch of Eggs Benedict with Lobster and Crab cakes. El Jefe put his magic touch on the best Bloody Marys known to man. Or as I like to call them, liquid salad. The kids served us and entertained us and teased us and it was wonderful.

With my belly full of goodness, I took a lovely little siesta.

 It was a great day filled with love and friendship.

In other weekend news, we went to see the Avengers on Saturday. Whoa and damn, what a fantastic movie. Joss Whedon continues to amaze me. And I officially have a crush on The Hulk.

Y’all have a great Monday! And please, enjoy Rader’s serenade. It will amaze you.

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