Hidy Ho!

Boy I’m glad it’s Wednesday! I have a dinner date tonight with two very dear friends and I think it will be a dandy time.

Especially since I’m not the one cooking. 🙂

Speaking of cooking…I grilled some mean chicken last night. Mmmmm. I love grilling on Big Bertha. Charcoal is the only way to go…unfortunately, (or maybe fortunately) when I’m finished grilling, I smell like campfire. I guess the level of goodness depends on how outdoorsy you are. If you like camping, then I was your girl last night. Hah.

Rader is headed out to North Carolina for a soccer tournament. I’m sad I can’t be there, but I know he’s gonna kick some major butt.

Happy Humpday, or Wine Wednesday, or however you choose to celebrate the middle of the week!

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