my week in review

Went to Degray with Robyn and her brother and the kids and the dogs. Robyn and I decided to act like kids and ride the water toy behind the boat. This did not end well, but it was extremely fun.

We saw Snow White and the Huntsman. The ending was a little anti-climatic, but I enjoyed the movie…despite Kristen Stewart. Actually, she did well in this movie. She had more than one facial expression and even though she isn’t physically fairer than Charlize Theron (as IF) she did portray Snow White very well. Also, I decided that I would gladly inhale the life force out of all the girls in the kingdom if that meant I would look like Charlize Theron. I would do this without remorse.
And so would you.

Bought Ian an awesome new ride. He’s gonna be rollin’ like a boss in a 1982 Mercedes 300 SD Turbo Diesel. It is a beautiful car that has been treated like a lady for 30 years. Let’s hope this continues… As you can see, he is thrilled. As he should be.

Posted my recap of this week’s Bachelorette at Hey Don’t Judge Me. If you haven’t read it yet, please do. You know I’m funny, right? Also, you can read my recap and not have to watch the show…because I suffer through it for you. This is a terrible sacrifice I’m making, you know. And you should be thankful and gracious and go read my recap. 🙂

Went to dinner with Rader one night and he looked cute so I took his pic. Because I’m that dorky and I still like my kids. Even though they are stinky teenagers who fart in the car with the windows up and think that’s funny.

I had drinks with the girls Wednesday, dinner with a friend Wednesday night, and tonight, I’m going to see Rock of Ages with my girlfriends…and I can’t wait.

It’s been a good week and I’m a very lucky girl.

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