then and now

Okay, so lately someone has been digging around in my archives reading tons of my past posts. I’m always curious when I see that something I’ve posted is interesting enough to cause curiosity to dig into my past…and so I always follow the links they click to see what they’re reading. And then I usually smile because there are some good (and some not so good) memories stored in my archives. Also, sometimes I’m funny. (I know, this is very surprising…)

Anyway, yesterday I read an post from 2009 where I posted a meme that was going around Facebook. You pick one artist and answer the questions with song titles from that artist…and try not to repeat the song titles….

I thought it would be fun to compare my answers from 2009 to 2012…Let’s see how much things have changed….

Pick your Artist:


Are you a male or female:

2009: Me   
2012: Open Your Eyes

Describe yourself:

2009: Devil   
2012: The Way I Am

How do you feel:
2009:  Lost Along the Way     
2012:  Eyes Wide Open

Describe where you currently live:
2009: Home   
2012: Warm Safe Place

If you could go anywhere, where would you go:
2009: Outside   
2012: So Far Away

Your favorite form of transportation:

2009:  Falling
2012:  Just Go

Your best friend is:
2009:  Right Here
2012:  Right Here

You and your best friends are:
2009:  Schizophrenic Conversations
2012:  Schizophrenic Conversations

What’s the weather like:

2009:  Raining Again
2012:  Outside

Favorite time of day:
2009:  Tonight
2012:  Tangled Up In You

If your life were a TV show, what would it be called:

2009:  All I Want
2012:  Homegrown

What is life to you:

2009:  Everything Changes
2012:  Everything Changes

Your fear:

2009:  Suffocate
2012:  Lost Along the Way

What is the best advice you have to give:

2009:  Believe
2012:  Take a Breath

Thought for the Day:
2009:  Nothing Left to Say
2012:  This Is It

How you would like to die:

2009:  The Way I Am
2012:  Comfortably Numb

Your soul’s present condition:
2009:  Raw
2012:  For You

Your motto:

2009:  Fill Me Up
2012: Take It

Hmmmm. Kinda fun. Not much has changed in the friendship realm. I still have the bestest friends on earth. But it seems I’m a much happier and fulfilled than I was in 2009–which, lemme just say: Duh. Also, Staind needs to lighten up a little bit. Damn.

So enjoy digging around in my archives. I love knowing that you find my life so interesting. Sorry you’re having to relive it vicariously through my words. You should have been there when it was happening in real time!

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