Yeah. I have nothing to explain the blog title. Sorry.

Last night I didn’t sleep for a damn. Like, 2 hours maybe? And when I was sleeping, I was having the weirdest dreams ever. Ugh. It’s never good when you’re dreaming about having migraine headaches and then you wake up with a headache. Thankfully, the real headache was not a migraine. 800 mg of ibuprofen later and I’m all better.

The good news is, even though I’m pretty sleepy today, I feel good. Mostly. I may have a slight attitude, but then, how is that different from any other day?

Just add more coffee.

Since I was sick last week, I haven’t seen my rotten kids much because this wasn’t my weekend with them. How is it possible that I actually almost, sorta missed them? I’m taking them to dinner tonight because Rader has soccer camp this week and it’s just easier for him to stay with his dad and Ian…well, he’s 18. I never know if he’s gonna grace my house with his presence or not. Thankfully, he calls/texts me constantly so I always know where he is. (well, that and the microchip I had imbedded in his skull). It’ll be good to hang with them today. When I asked where they wanted to eat, I knew the answer. Either US Pizza or Mexican. I think we’ve decided on US Pizza… hopefully it will be nice outside so we can eat on the deck.

Mmmmmm. Food. I’m hungry and sleepy.

Happy Monday, y’all. If you see me today and I’m walking around like a zombie, just bring me another cup of Joe. Thanks.

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