Sometimes reality hits you like a skillet to the face.

I realized yesterday that come August, I will have a Freshman in high school and a Freshman in college. Wow. Where did the time go?

I’m not a big cry-baby momma on first days of school. I got a little choked up when Rader was in Kindergarten and he got on the bus for the very first time. I was pretty teary when Ian graduated High School. But for the most part, I’ve always been sending them off to school with a freedom booty dance.

This year might be a little different. My tree frog and monkey are both big boys now. wow.

I’ll let y’all know if I get verklempt.

Oh. And check this out…

heh. Yep. Gotcha! They see me Rick-rollin’…

If you haven’t been over to HDJM, my Bachelorette Men Tell All recap is up! Go forth and enjoy…

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