to the water!

It’s only Wednesday and all I can think about is Friday, noonish…because I’ll be lake bound with Jefe, the boys, and Robyn and her kids! And we’ve got a couple of other friends joining us Saturday for fun in the sun on a party barge.

I’ve missed going to our lakehouse this year. Our party barge is out of commission, so we haven’t had as much time up there as we’d like. However, this weekend will change all of that.

I predict some or all of these things will occur:

I absolutely can.not.wait.

The below message is intended for one person and one person only. If your name isn’t “Anonymous” you can just skip this…

Dear Anonymous Troll,

I’m sorry you’re so sad and pathetic that you have to keep popping up with little notes to me every few months. I know I’m awesome. I know you aren’t.  I don’t fucking care anymore. Get yourself medicated or go to hell. Or both. And please, if you’re gonna email me or troll my blog…PLEASE learn to spell. You just look like a fucking moron otherwise. Also, it’s been damn near two years…find yourself a life.


ps: No. I’m not going to ask about anything you tell me to ask about. This is just a desperate ploy for attention and an attempt to play at insecurities that just aren’t there. YOU are not relevant and you need to understand that. I don’t care about the past. I care about the present.. I hope you do find peace someday. Truly. Good luck.

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