weekend recap

  • There were boys in the house all weekend.
  • It stormed Saturday and I slept late.
  • I met my BFF from high school at US Pizza for a beverage and to catch up.
  • I made country fried steak, gravy, and hashbrowns for dinner Saturday night.

  • I spent more money than I should have at Walmart (big surprise)
  • I almost went on a killing spree at Walmart (big surprise part deux)
  • The only thing that saved everyone in Walmart from my bloody wrath was the fact that I didn’t have a gun, machete, or a flamethrower with me. Although I did (briefly) consider going to tools and grabbing something pointy and stabby…the only thing that stopped me is that I would have had to stand back in line for probably another 30 minutes. Also, there would have been lots of blood and probably suicide by cop so I just decided to seethe.
  • Ian and Ruby make a cute couple.
  • There was lots of quality time with John Deere on Sunday.
  • Laundry
  • Goofing off
  •  Sunday is crack-tv night…True Blood and The Newsroom.
  • And wine was consumed.


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