Rocket Mom!

It’s homecoming night for Catholic High, and I’m in full Rocket Mom mode. Well, I will be around 2:00, anyway. I’m not going to the game, but I’m sure Rader will. I volunteered to help set up. The alumni association is providing burgers and dogs and drinks for everyone. Kinda cool, really.

The Arkansas State Fair starts this weekend. I’m sad I won’t be going this year because the boys and I had tons of fun last year sampling all the fried food on a stick. I really could go for a corndog and a fried twinkie. And I do love me some people watching. Wow. It’s even better than people watching at an outdoor concert by the river!

Here’s some fair pics from 2008:

 Connor and Rader. Can’t believe these two kids are now 6ft+ tall.
 Bacon and Chocolate. Gross.
Fried Twinkie. Divine.
Here’s some pics from 2011:

Heh. Too fun. Dammit Janet! I want a corn dog!

weekend recap

  • There were boys in the house all weekend.
  • It stormed Saturday and I slept late.
  • I met my BFF from high school at US Pizza for a beverage and to catch up.
  • I made country fried steak, gravy, and hashbrowns for dinner Saturday night.

  • I spent more money than I should have at Walmart (big surprise)
  • I almost went on a killing spree at Walmart (big surprise part deux)
  • The only thing that saved everyone in Walmart from my bloody wrath was the fact that I didn’t have a gun, machete, or a flamethrower with me. Although I did (briefly) consider going to tools and grabbing something pointy and stabby…the only thing that stopped me is that I would have had to stand back in line for probably another 30 minutes. Also, there would have been lots of blood and probably suicide by cop so I just decided to seethe.
  • Ian and Ruby make a cute couple.
  • There was lots of quality time with John Deere on Sunday.
  • Laundry
  • Goofing off
  •  Sunday is crack-tv night…True Blood and The Newsroom.
  • And wine was consumed.


Fair fare…

This seemed to be a very popular prize this year. I can’t for the life
of me figure out who would want this. 
The boys and I ventured out to the Arkansas State Fair on Sunday. We sampled copious amounts of fried food, drank overpriced beverages, the boys rode some crickety rides, and we had and all around grand ol’ time.
Ian eats a fried Snickers.

Fried Twinkies are da bomb
This is an 18 in corndog. It’s the mecca of processed meat.
top right is Rader.

Rader managed to score 83 points…

midnight train

No, I’m not talking about taking the Midnight Train to Georgia. I’m talking about eating the Midnight Train plate at Gladys Knight’s and Ron Winan’s Chicken & Waffles while in Georgia.

Okay Internetz, I can admit to you, and ONLY you, that I might have been slightly hungover on Sunday morning after the baby shower/house party throw down. We pretty much partied like it was our job. So when we woke the next morning we knew we needed some fantastic hangover food.

And nobody wanted Taco Bell. (well, except for me. Burrito Supreme with extra sour cream, nachos with extra cheese and a ginormous Mountain Dew was my college hangover cure)

We had discussed chicken and waffles the day before at brunch so we decided that was the place to be.

And it was. We got there when it opened at 11:00 and had no problems getting a table. 20 minutes later, people were lined up in the cold waiting for their turn.

When they brought me my platter of goodness, I understood why people were waiting…
Oh. Em. Gee. It was delish. And yes, it was the perfect hangover cure. (Though I wish I had ordered some bacon, too. haha)

The only thing I would have changed was the “fresh buttery taste” spread they served with the waffles. It seriously said 48% vegetable oil; 4% sweet butter cream. Hmmmm. Not sure I’m okay with that. Thankfully the waffle was so damn good it didn’t need butter. Just a touch of syrup and I was good to go.

So if you ever get a chance to go to Chicken & Waffles…I highly recommend it.

And now for your chicken and waffle history lesson:

According to Gladys’ and Ron’s website Chicken and Waffles was born in Harlem, New York in the 1930’s. Wells Supper Club served many celebrities as they hung out in the late night hours. Many of them could not decide if they wanted breakfast or dinner-Wells gave them both!

Now you know…(and knowing is half the battle.)

state of the fair…

So the family and I are headed to the Arkansas State Fair today when the kids get out of school. I haven’t been to the fair in forever.

Get this, they’ve been talking all week about the new ‘on a stick’ foods available at this year’s fair.
Fried Dr. Pepper: estimated 820 Calories
Chocolate covered bacon (aka Pig Lickers) : 683 calories
And of course there are the standards:
Fried Twinkies: up to 700 calories depending on the size you order
Fried Snickers: 450 calories
Foot long corndogs (yum): 375 calories (winner!)
Why must we fry everything? Has anyone tried the Fried Soda/Choc covered bacon/Fried Twinks/or Fried Snickers? Can you tell me about it? (after the heart attack, I mean)

I’ll be honest, I’m tempted to try a Fried Twinkie. But I just don’t think I can do it. Why? Because I’m terrified I’ll like it and then where will I be? On a gurney being rushed into the ER with someone sitting on top of me breaking my ribs and blowing air into my lungs.

What do you guys think? Should I tempt fate and blow my diet by foraging into the fried food fabulousness of the fair? What do you think I should try?