burn baby burn and other stuff

It’s Tuesday. It feels like Monday. Probably because I spent the entire weekend working my ass off. Or at least Sunday & Monday I did…

We’ve been under a burn ban since May, so when Isaac rolled through last week, the ban was officially lifted and I officially got busy.

 Sunday afternoon, I stopped by my friend Lori’s house for some lasagna and Bellinis. Yum. And for a little reminiscing… She apparently just put together some old photo albums from our college years and thereafter…. Check out this beauty.

I believe this was the luau we had at our friend Dave’s house. This was actually between babies…I’m pretty sure summer of 96 or 97.  Beautiful, huh? hahahaha

Little-Itty-Bitty is doing well. She’s eating like nobody’s business and starting to do some exploring and playing. She seems to be getting some energy now that she’s fattening up. She is definitely a snuggly Kitty and she adores Jefe.

Hope y’all had a great holiday weekend. I’m exhausted still from all the burnin’ and cooking I did. (I made potato cakes and bacon for breakfast yesterday. Quiche for dinner. (I also did a Quiche on Sunday for some friends and on Saturday, made chili-cheese dip, bacon-ranch crazy bread for the Razorback watch party!) Woo Pig Sooie! It’s time for some football again!

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