Thursday Night Lights

#66 (aka Rader P. Francis) for the Catholic High freshman football team texted me from the bus yesterday as they were headed to their ballgame:

#66: Be expecting a 40-50 yarder today. I’m in the zone, judging from the reps I was getting before we left.

Me: Awesome. U better not let me down

#66: I certainly don’t plan on it…

Fastforward to the game. 4 punts. Two decent 30+ yarders. One maybe 20 yards long and 50 yards high…. and then…this one:

42 yards of nothing but beauty. (video courtesy of Fishdog)

Here are the texts on the way home: 

#66: Well that sucked…Except for my 3rd punt! [actually his 4th but that’s ok] That was freakin’ awesome!!!!!

Me: Amazing!!!!!!

#66 ikr!!! You should TOoOoOtally blog aboot it.!

Me: 😉 I will

#66: Huzzah! The prophecy has been fullfilled!

Then it ended with the various proud of you, love you, love you too, see ya tomorrow stuff.

Yep. My baby. He’s got a foot on him!

And speaking of babies…Check out Little-Itty-Bitty in her favorite person’s arms. (hint, not mine…my arms aren’t hairy….)

Sorry if the sweetness gave you a cavity.

Happy Friday y’all! Today is awesome, and I have declared it the official Love on a Redhead day.

and don’t forget to sparkle!

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