2 unrelated topics

Yesterday, around 2:00, a Drunky McDrunkDrunk missed the curve going about 70 mph, did a General Lee ramping move over my driveway, and took out my giant (and beautiful) forsythia bush. I had been planning to trim it back, but…not this much.

He tried to assist me further with my landscaping by spreading my forsythia all over the yard.

He landed with a giant thud on my neighbors tree. Which is a good thing, because he was headed straight for a building.

He was being followed by his grandson who was trying to stop him from driving. Apparently, he ran out of booze and was headed to the County Line…about a mile from our house.

BTW, nobody was hurt. Except my forsythia….

In other, much more positive news, I’ve revived my old exercise blog: Fat Chicks Running. I signed up for a 5 week boot camp that starts tomorrow and I figure I’ll be doing a lot of kvetching while I bring the sexy back. Hope you’ll drop by and enjoy the show.

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