Notes from the Universe

Sometimes the Universe knows exactly what a girl needs to hear…

The sad part, Melissa, is that they told you it’s wrong to be selfish, tacky to be vain, vulgar to be sexy, and wasteful to be rich.

The happy part is that they were just making all that up.

Probably just jealous of all you might do, be, and have. And afraid of all they might not.

Uh-oh… one of them is in trouble now, gotta bolt!

    The Universe

Melissa, follow your heart and get your groove on because, no matter what anyone said, it’s never too late to have it all. 

Thanks Universe. I think I will take your suggestion and run with it.

I’ve reported on my weight loss and other stuff over at FCR today. Go check it out and celebrate with me!

Tonight, Rader P. (#66 in your programs, #1 in your hearts) is playing at Benton. Wonder Foot Power…ACTIVATE!

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