Your wish is my command.

My birthday twin, Beth, has commanded that I write my weekend recap because she needs some brain candy.

Well, far be it from me to disappoint her.

Though I’m afraid this blog may be more brain fluff than brain candy. Would that make it brain cotton candy? That’s not a bad thing…

OK, first off on Friday, my cousin posted this picture of me to Facebook. HAH! This pic currently graces my mother’s hall wall. My friends say it looks just like me. I disagree. But here, you decide.

hehehehe. I was a cutie. Of course, I cut my bangs the day before this picture was taken, so mom had to take me for an emergency hair cut…that’s why my forehead looks giant. haha I wasn’t quite 3 years old here. And that puppy had seen many better days…

Saturday morning I drove Rader to meet the soccer carpool since his game was 3 hours away. BTW, I don’t like 8:00 on Saturday mornings. However, I decided I’d make the best of being vertical that early so I went to Two Rivers Bridge to walk…only to find out it was closed for a bike race. I decided to go to Pinnacle Mountain and walk the base trail. It was a beautiful cool overcast morning and perfect for a hike.

It was also perfect for the pterodactyl-sized mosquitoes to feed on me til I was too weak to move. They also tried to carry me off to their nest where they were gonna feed me to their young. Holy Crap I have never been swarmed like that before. Was crazy. I did hike 1.5 miles before I called it quits. I also got to see this really giant uprooted tree:

Then I returned to the Compound where El Jefe and I mowed and cleaned up after the last wreck in our yard. You know, where the dude took out my giant forsythia and left half of his front end in my front yard? Yeah, it was finally time to mow, so that shit had to go. I should have made him come back and clean it up. Jerk-wad.

I believe this may have been my last date with John Deere for the season…. I’m gonna miss his sweet rides.

Sunday I made another Pinterest recipe that turned out pretty good. They sure looked pretty and they were definitely tasty. They’ll make a great brunch item for the holidays I think.

They’re pretty much bacon-wrapped quiches. You make them in a muffin tin.

And finally, I spent yesterday hanging with Rader P.  I walked in the morning and then he and I watched a friend of his from Oxford play soccer. Her team won the tournament and ironically, her father works for the same company I used to work for when I lived there. Small world huh? Also check out my kid and how damn cute he is…

after the game, we went to the PartyHood where Robyn grilled us some burgers then we went to the GodFodda’s house and hung out until it was time to go to Rader’s game….It was a good afternoon and a great weekend. And with that, I leave you with this moment of zen.

My friend Bill hanging with Robyn’s three-legged cocker spaniel. Her name is Lovey but I call her Lambchop.

Hope your weekend was as awesome (and less tiring) as mine! Now let’s kick Monday in the ass and sparkle hard today!

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