I say Happy Holidays.

Why? You ask (probably with a judgey, angry, smirk. Be careful…you’ll wrinkle)

Because to me, the holidays are Thanksgiving, Hanukkah,  Christmas, Kwanza, and New Year’s. Yep. Those are all the holidays. And I wish them to be happy. Ergo: Happy Holidays/

If you wish me a Merry Christmas, I’m going to smile and say Thanks! Same to you!

I’m not offended because you celebrate Christmas. I love joyful messages, however they are sent. Why people get bent out of shape over a message of peace, joy, and happiness…no matter how it is delivered, is beyond me.

Would you rather me wish you a Happy Chriskwanzakkah? Cuz I totally can.

I love the holidays. Who cares how the message of happiness is delivered. Just receive it with a smile and accept it with the warmth of the intended message. Don’t get caught up in the words used to deliver it…The only difference in Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays is the attitude in which they are received.

So Happy Holidays.

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