An Official Declaration

Happy Ugly Christmas Sweater Week!

There. I’ve said it. Now, make it so.

See? Even Matt Damon is playing along.

Today I’m wearing a vest. It’s not the ugliest of sweaters in the world..but it’s still a Christmas VEST…and so the only way to look cool while wearing it is to wear it ironically. So I am. And therefore, this Ugly Vest is cool…like me.

Hope you guys had a great weekend. I did. I worked a lot, got to see my sweet friend Marcus who was in town from Paris (Yes, France). I didn’t get to attend his gathering when he first arrived, so I was thrilled when I was able to leave work early enough to see him last night before he headed back. He’s so sassy and awesome. I lurve him.

Now…you guys celebrate Ugly Sweater week with me. I wanna hear about or see your ugly sweaters. Hmmmm. What will I wear tomorrow?

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