It’s a rather blustery day…

Yep. Today the wind is windy and the temperature is dropping and there’s a chance of ice tonight. Every time the weatherman says something about a “light icing” I have dreams of cream cheese frosting. It’s just the sugar withdrawals, I’m sure…

Still, I’m wearing my sassy pants again today. I do love it when I wake full of awesome and sparkle. A friend of mine sent me this picture this morning and you know what? I feel so fabulous, I would have smashed this box twice.

I’m heading to the gym at lunch again today. I’ve decided working out at lunchtime is really ideal for me. And it saves me gas money. I bring my lunch, go do my workout, come back and eat. So I’m getting more awesome AND saving cash. If I get any smarter, you’re all gonna be in trouble.

Hope you’re wearing your sassy pants and sparkle today! Life is better with glitter…

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