I’m sparkling so bright, I’ve got a glowing halo!

Good Grief. What a fantastic morning, so far! I love that my friends embrace the fun that is my birthday. Seriously, if you’re not having a good time today, it’s your own damn fault.

(click here to read about the LEGEND OF THE SPARKLE)

(click here to read how THE MONTH OF MEL came to be)

My birthday eve was fabulous…We built a fire in the pit, Dale came over for a visit, and the boys made s’mores. El Jefe was sure to kiss me lots and tell me happy pre-birthday. My sparkle was turned up to 11.

I woke this morning to the sound of growling. It was Big Boy. He’s usually a lover, not a fighter, so I decided to investigate (with Ruby’s “help” of course). Well, it seems Big Boy had caught me a tiny little field mouse for my birthday. I tried to save the poor baby, but Little Kitty Foo Foo wouldn’t hear of it. 

 I leave Ruby to tend to the kitteh bidness and go to the kitchen for some much needed morning Joe. And this is what I see…

Gifts…from Box Turtle! One of my favorite locally-owned stores ever!

And this was inside the lovely packages:

The earrings are my birthstone and hammered silver,  handmade by a local artist.

The card with the pearl necklace (MINDS OUT OF GUTTER PLEASE) reads:

Pearls of …

with time, patience and a little help from mother nature, a pearl grows into an object of beauty and simplicity. pearls represent the best in us…something beautiful that comes from within. wear your necklace as a reminder that you are incredibly loved.

My heart kinda sorta melted when I read that. El Jefe…you may just be a keeper…

I feel incredibly loved. And so happy to have a group of friends that embrace my goofiness because they love me. And to prove it, check out my favorite email of the day (so far)

Damn right. Now sparkle on bitches! Let’s make today unforgettable and unregrettable! Yes. I made up that word. It’s my birthday, and I’ll say what I wanna!

3 thoughts on “2013: THE DAY OF SPARKLE

  1. Well much like each and every March the sparkle in my life is turned to high volume in celebration of your arrival to this world. I think that I may possibly love ElJefe with his sweet thoughtful gift. I mean seriously? Did he consult a woman or do that ALL on his own…… JEWELRY is forever. JEWELRY never dies. Happy Birthday Mel!! Having you as a friend (along with Robyn) keeps me sane!!!!


  2. LOL! I don't know if he consulted a woman or not! It was a complete surprise. The first birthday surprise I've had in a very long time. As a matter of fact, this is the first birthday I didn't have to plan, EVER, in my adult life. How amazing is he? It was so touching the thought behind the pieces. Gifts don't have to be pricey, they have to be thoughtful, otherwise, they're just things.And he gets it. <3You and Robyn are my SOLID AS A ROCK sisters!


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