Ruby and I want it to be warm again.

We want this

Not this:

So thanks for the rain last night, Mother Nature, but we’d like our 70 degree weather back. I understand you have plans to dip into the 30s in some places in Arkansas tonight. Let’s hope (for your sake) you don’t mean Central Arkansas…specifically at The Compound. Because if that happens, then you need to watch your back. That’s not a threat. It’s a warning. I’ve heard rumors that people are calling for your resignation. And they may force you out…it’ll be a Weather Center coup. They’ll go hard and you will not win. The damn Groundhog is on their list as well. Y’all have been warned, so take heed.

In other news, eh. That’s about it. I’m back to feeling 100% again. Antibiotics seem to be working on my ear infection. Headaches are gone. Smiles have returned. Life is good. Now if it would just stay warm enough for me to get a lovely kiss of color on my skin…

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