getting all inside the beauty of my trip. and even better, inside the beauty of #equalrights

FYI, the reference of “inside the beauty” comes from a creeper message on Facebook. We have taken this on as a new turn-of-phrase. And we modify it on occasion. If we get up inside your beauty, you know we mean business.

New message from the Other Inbox: Please to be my friend, pretty lady? You have very much beauty and I want to get inside your beauty.

Check out my pictures on Instagram from our trip to Iowa and Illinois.

The trip was breathtakingly beautiful. Every damn time I looked out the window, it was like looking at a postcard.

El Jefe’s family was amazing. So welcoming and fun.



After Iowa, we spent a lovely day with David and Kyle in Chicago enjoying the hell out of PrideFest.

1010181_10152014715537907_969093930_nYes. That’s Gaymart. The happiest store on earth.

Speaking of PrideFest…YAY SCOTUS! You made the right decision striking down DOMA. All Americans should have equal rights. Marriage is a human right. Period. And frankly, “separate but equal” has never worked…and it is not really equal. So. Let’s all get Gay Married! Okay, I know everything isn’t done yet, but striking down DOMA is a huge step in the right direction.


4 thoughts on “getting all inside the beauty of my trip. and even better, inside the beauty of #equalrights

  1. I know I feel like I just got a new puppy!! On our way to marriage equality!! YAY YAY!! Feel like I havent seen you in a month.


      • I like to believe he meant he wanted to “bask in my aura” LOL Not, “wear my skinsuit”

        Today is history in the making. We are lucky to be watching this. And Justice Scalia needs to choke on his bigoted tongue. Ugh.

        YAY for EQUALITY. One small step forward! but it’s forward!


      • Yea well its still creepy regardless of how he meant it. I picture that guy living in his mom’s basement and owning too many cats!

        And Justice Scalia can blow me! Screw him, he was out voted


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