Things you may have missed this week if you’ve been living under a rock. #NSA

Soooo, I’ve had a bee-in-my-bonnet this week and I unleashed the Rant Kraken on my blog.

I figure since I’m on a roll with my opinions which I am stating on my blog which nobody is telling you to read, that maybe I should continue on…

Let’s talk about the NSA… (Hi, NSA. I know this is going to put me on your watch list. You’ll find my texts rather boring, I’m afraid. I usually only talk about wine and weekend plans which usually include more wine. Sometimes we make fun of people (which I’m not proud of, but honestly, some people are just asking for it.)

I cannot believe people are NOT up in arms about what our government is doing to us right now. That fucking Patriot Act opened the door to this, but the Obama administration is allowing it to happen, and that’s not okay. (and dude. I voted for you.  I like you. BUT THIS? Not. Ok.)

Wait, you ask, what’s happening with the NSA that’s so bad to make you mad at your dude, Obama?

WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? I answer.can-you-hear-me-NSA

So, the abridged story is…the NSA has been illegally gathering all of our cell phone data. Our text messages, calls, metadata…ALL OF IT. And they’re looking for key words and patterns and they’re using the Patriot Act to back them up. Yes. They have your information. All of it………

That nasty text message you sent to your husband, boyfriend, girlfriend, stranger? They have it.

That “sexy” picture you took? They have that as well. (BTW, please understand that fat, clammy white guys posing like Burt Reynolds in front of a computer, are not sexy. Not even “sexy”)

Those not so subtle texts about your next weed purchase? Yup. Even that.

Any off color jokes? (yes, the racist ones…) Any of your threats to the President? (even the “jokey” ones) Your private messages to your lover? Your full of crazy rants about your spouse’s ex? Yep, those, too.

Those stalking texts? Those “jokes” about blowing up government buildings? Yeah…they’re not being considered “jokes” dude.

Let me break it down for you. When I worked for ALLTEL in the fraud department, I worked alongside law enforcement to track cloning and subscription fraud rings. I could detect patterns, and flag accounts, but if the cops called asking for information about a specific number or data, THEY HAD TO HAVE A SUBPOENA. Because it’s ILLEGAL to access personal, private records without just cause…You know, so they don’t violate the 4th Amendment of our Constitution.

The Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution reads:

The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

Do you understand what it means to our privacy and our security now that our government has decided that the 4th Amendment is “just a suggestion?” They are treating it like it’s the Yellow Light of the Law. They are using our fears of another attack like 9-11 to justify their illegal seizure of our private information.

And instead of getting pissed off about losing their rights, people are wasting their time moaning and groaning about “the gays” getting equal rights! WTF is wrong with this country!?

AND NOW! our country is trying to apprehend the man who leaked the information to Americans because they consider him a traitor to our country.



A person who betrays a friend, country, principle, etc.

Hey, NSA. Y’all are the traitors. Y’all are the ones who are ignoring our constitution and acting like the GEE DEE Gestapo. Snowden is a fucking hero. He saw what y’all were doing was illegal, he called you out on it, and now you’re trying to punish him BECAUSE YOU GOT CAUGHT BETRAYING YOUR OWN PEOPLE.

NSA–and all those involved in allowing this to go on–y’all are assholes.

ASSHOLE is the word of the week.

I’m as left of center as you can get without being a loon. I have supported the Obama administration on so many things…I’m proud they are supporting Equal Rights for all Americans. I am proud of Obamacare and their attempt to make healthcare available to all Americans. I am proud they are trying to help the immigrants already in the country become citizens. BUT, if this administration doesn’t do something to stop the illegal seizure of our information, I’m going to seriously have to reconsider living here.

Honestly. Once you take a right from the people, it’s damn near impossible to get it back.

And I want my right to privacy returned to me. PRONTO.




10 thoughts on “Things you may have missed this week if you’ve been living under a rock. #NSA

  1. While generally my text/phone conversations consist of NOTHING fun or exciting. I mean lets face it I am generally texting you and Robyn so you know that I have nothing of value to the NSA. HOWEVER, that doesn’t mean I am OK with their accessing my personal conversations. And Lord knows when I was dating that last guy (yep NSA the one in the military) SOMEONE at the NSA got some pretty valuable spank bank material from my text let me just tell ya THAT much. (you are welcome pervy NSA dude) AND here is something else those sweethearts at the NSA probably would like to add to my file……….that dude (I think his name is Edward Snowden) they are charging with treason for leaking this info? Yep I would totally hide him in my apartment. Albeit my apartment is neither exotic or in a far away location therefore most likely useless to him………..still I WOULD do it. And I will leave you with this: Come on down to Paula Deen’s ………. we serving butter and bigotry YAWLLLL!!!


  2. Damned NSA! I hope some of them went blind from seeing some of the crazy crap that was put out there. That’d teach’em to stop prying! Ha! and Double Ha, Ha!! 🙂


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