Scenes from the lake


This weekend was amazing. I can’t remember the last time I felt so relaxed.

Rader and I hung out in the hammock on Saturday. I read, he talked. We had to actually put him on mandatory Quiet Time on the way home last night. Seriously. That kid just yammers on like he’s got something to say. LOL



This Spider is not real. However, you don’t know that when you pass by it. Trust me.




Da Godfodda was our water taxi driver. We enjoyed Saturday afternoon on the lake after the rain moved on.


A rare sighting! El Jefe!



It really was a wonderful weekend. I read. FOR PLEASURE, all weekend long. I can’t remember the last time I did that!! Honestly, if it weren’t for the 2 hour drive there…Laura and Mac would never get rid of us. LOL

I did somehow manage to get eaten alive by chiggers on the entire left side of my body. Ugh.

El Jefe discovered evidence that Anacondas have a lair at Greers Ferry Lake. Giant snake skins…but no snakes to go with them. Because they’re hiding. Watching. Waiting…

I hope your weekend was as magically delicious as ours!

6 thoughts on “Scenes from the lake

  1. The spider would make me shit my pants. Like for real!!!

    So ALL my crap is in Benton now, Laken is registered for 4 yo Pre-K. Its gonna cost me because its the ABC program and I make too much for it to be free but 292.00 a month instead of 500.00.

    Anyway supper club on for Tuesday? Bring your own wine glasses I cant find mine!!! Chicken spaghetti!!!!!! Im excited for yall to see the place even though it will be a wreck!

    AND this whole mandatory quiet time for Rader??????? Yea, I feel your pain! Our shy, timid, quiet, boys. I have NO idea where they get that whole chatty Kathy gene!

    Glad yall got away and had fun in the sun!!


    • OH NO!! Are you telling me that Jonny is not going to grow out of this Chattiness? My goodness! He goes on “Mandatory Quiet Time” very often. Especially in the car. Who says that boys have sub par verbal skills?!

      Mel I’m glad that you had a great restorative weekend!


      • Marissa they do NOT outgrow it. Sorry!!! Then again look at their mothers. Did these boys have a chance at being quiet???


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