New things are afoot: MORE BOOKS!

Welcome to the new and improved website! I officially own and I am officially gonna make it awesomer.

Yes. Awesomer. It’s a word, because I just made it one.

I have big plans in the writing world. If these plans work out as planned (the office of redundant redundancy) I will have 4 Southern Romance novels on the e-shelves this year.

I am hoping to publish DRIVING MERCEDES by the end of March. I will keep y’all posted on exact dates. Stay tuned for a very exciting cover reveal!

Would you like to know what DRIVING MERCEDES is all about? Well, here’s the blurb: (please note that the extra-cheese is free of charge.)

Mercedes “Mac” McIntyre is a tattoo-wearing Liberal photographer, about to open a controversial show in a local art gallery. She’s thirty-three, single, and not really looking for a man, but if one fell into her lap, she probably wouldn’t refuse him. Since Little Rock, Arkansas, is short on hot, available men right now, Mac will just happily focus on her career.

Cambridge “Cam” Brown is a linen-pant-wearing Republican determined to be elected to the state legislature. He’s just recently cut ties with his ex-fiancée who hasn’t quite accepted she’s no longer a part of his life. And his family isn’t happy with the split, especially his grandfather/campaign manager. At the age of twenty-six, Cam should be married or at least engaged. Politically speaking, a family man is a better man. At least in southern conservative politics.

Driving Mercedes maps the potholes and roadblocks of love between a conservative southern politician and an independent artist. Politics, passion, and naked pictures come together to form a scandal that Arkansas hasn’t seen since a certain governor left the state. And though happily ever after may seem like a distant destination– it winds up being only a debate away.

Have a great weekend, Bitches!

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