Mother Nature really needs to take her hormones

Because winter has got to go away.



The only good thing about the sleet this time, is it came on a Sunday night and it was so bad that work was cancelled for 2 days! I enjoyed an extended vacation of slothfulness and gluttony sprinkled in with laundry, dishes, and writing.

Yes. That’s right. Writing.

It feels weird to be doing it again. (Shut up, Beavis and Butthead) But I am so glad I am. It’s way past time for me to put this active imagination to use again.

Here’s a couple of pretty cool pics I took at the Compound while iced in.

Icy days in March icy days in March 2Hope you all had a great extended weekend like I did. If not, I hope you were at least safe. And if not, I hope you at least had fun…

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