It’s that time of year, bitches.

We are one day away from the 7th annual MONTH OF MEL. (Technically, it’s the 47th annual, Month of Mel, but…I didn’t start celebrating the entire month until 7 years ago.) For those of you unfamiliar with the origins of the MONTH OF MEL, please click here. We’ll wait for you, don’t worry…

Are you back? Good. We missed you. Seriously. It was dark and lonely and I think a spider was on my arm and I needed you here to kill it. Don’t ever leave me again, ok?

So, tomorrow is MONTH OF MEL DAY 1, 2016 and we are going to start this year’s celebration of ME a little differently. Every day for a week, I’m going to highlight some charities that are important to me. I want to start this MONTH OF MEL off with giving.

I’d love for y’all to join me. I’m donating to each charity that I highlight this week. I can’t donate a lot, but even $5 can make a difference. I’d love for y’all to consider spreading the sparkle with me, and helping at least one of these very worthy causes.

And to my bitches who’ve continued to brighten my MONTHS OF MEL in the past by firmly planting your tongue in your cheek with me, I appreciate y’all more than you will ever know.

BEWARE THE IDES OF MEL…and let’s get to helpin’ folks.


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