MONTH OF MEL DAY 1; Week of Giving Day 1

I told y’all in yesterday’s post that I wanted to start this year’s MONTH OF MEL off on a different foot. I’d like to do a week of giving….and I’m going to highlight (mostly) local charities that are important to me and that I’d like to introduce y’all to, and maybe, you’ll be inspired to give to one of the causes I highlight this week, or maybe you’ll donate to one of your favorite causes! 

Giving makes me feel good. I talk about sparkle all the time, and this is one of the ways I find that helps me keep my internal sparkle blazing. I don’t have a lot of money to give, but I try to make sure I give what I can, when I can…and donate my time when I can’t.

Today I’m going to high26043_407189772906_5370746_nlight 2 causes that are slightly related.
If y’all have followed my blog for a while, you know that I used to do a regular girl’s night out on Thursdays. During our trips to Margaritaville, we became very close with one of the servers, Carlos. After many years, he has become one of my dear friends now, and his family needs your help.

His wife, Adriana, was diagnosed with an acute form of Leukemia. Her original prognosis was NOT GOOD. As in, they gave her just a few months to live. But through the magic of medicine, here we are more than 7 months later, and finally she has a bone marrow match!

Her medical bills have been astronomical, as you can imagine. They’ve had to travel to various hospitals for treatment, not to mention just the every day costs of having 3 kids on one limited income. Please consider giving to their go fund me account. It would mean the world to me if you could even add just $5. Every penny helps. Her transplant is scheduled soon…and hopefully she will be on the path to quick healing!

This next cause is still local, but it’s more big picture type of charity.

Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Man & Woman of the Year
My ex husband is a candidate this year. He was diagnosed in October (on his wife’s birthday, of all the days!) with a rare but highly responsive to treatment form of Lymphoma cancer and he just received news last week that he is in remission! Naturally the boys and I are very relieved to hear this prognosis. Even though he’s not in full remission (must be cancer-free 5 years for that), things are looking really positive. Please choose from the candidates listed. It’s a worthy cause and the funds go directly to families affected by Leukemia and Lymphoma diagnoses.

I appreciate any and all donations that are made. And I understand if right now isn’t a good time to give…but I do hope that this week will inspire you to at least think about helping others! Even if you buy someone’s meal in the drive through.

Sparkle on, Bitches! Let’s make Day the 1st…day the BEST!

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