tell me what you want, what you really, really want

I want a Snow Day.

Yup. There. I said it out loud so now I’ve surely jinxed myself.

Here’s the thing, we’ve had 3 winter storm warnings this season and we’ve had ZERO in accumulation.

Yup. Zip.





Donut Hole.


You get the picture yet?

I think this time is gonna be different. I think we’re gonna get some sleet and some snow. I think the schools will be out and I will be able to sleep in. I will stay in my jammies, drink hot tea, and write tomorrow.

This is called the power of positive thinking. And it’s gonna work. It has to. Because I really don’t feel like dealing with reality if it doesn’t.

In other news, I’ve been invited to join a group blog with several other debut authors. I’ll be posting there from time-to-time and will be sure to let you know when I’m sharing extra words of wisdom. Meanwhile, add them to your daily blog trolling!

Good Girls-Bad JuJu


Okay, so the website is launched and I am happy. Mega-thanks to Fishdog for working like mule to get it done. Hey guys, don’t forget you can download some fun wallpapers for your cellphones!

In case you missed it, yesterday over at Lucienne Diver’s blog, we had dueling vamps going with our two heroines. Today fellow Arkansas author Stacey Jay will be taking on the zombie side of vampires vs. zombies. (As if there really is a competition. I mean zombies are gross. And rotting. How could zombie-breath be even remotely sexy?) Stop by and check things out today.

This is the last week of school for #2 son and then we’re onto our summer schedule. And by summer schedule I mean sleeping late, going to Wild River Country every day and movies every weekend. When we’re not at the lake. Tough life for a kid, huh?

Anything going on this week that I need to know about? Anything fun or exciting?

BITE ME! available for PRE-ORDER

I’m about to fulfill my label as a Blog Tramp and pimp myself like a $2 whore.

Buy now: Pay later!

For the bargain basement price of $8.99, you can buy yourself a copy of BITE ME! It’s a great deal, especially when you realize you won’t be paying until it ships in August!

Also, if you buy 3 or more copies (big strong hint) you’ll be qualified for free shipping. Now that’s a deal!!!

So don’t wait! Order your copy(ies) of BITE ME! today!

Oh, and feel free to spread the word…

Okay, now that I have today’s (self) whoring out of the way, I’d now like to whore myself out for my BFF and Critique Partner, Maria Geraci. Her first book BUNCO BABES TELL ALL comes out May 5, 2009. Today, she’s guest blogging over at The Knight Agency blog (check after 8:30 AM). Her new website is up and running and she’s offering a $25 gift certificate to Victoria’s Secret as a contest prize! Check out her blog over at TKA and check out her beautiful new website. And don’t forget to pre-order BUNCO BABES TELL ALL if you haven’t already.