are you a burrower?

When I sleep, I tend to flip to my stomach, kick a leg up, and burrow under a pillow. Actually, sometimes I can’t go to sleep if I don’t have a pillow over my head. (Which is really ironic since one of my irrational fears is suffocating.)

I don’t know why I do this. I used to think it started when I got married and Fishdog watched a lot of TV in bed and I would cover my head to block out the light/sound. But I think that’s just when I started noticing myself doing it.

What’s even funnier? Both of my kids are burrowers.
Above is Rader. Yes, he’s buried in there. Sound asleep.
Below is Ian. This is how I find him every morning. He sleeps with a minimum of 3 pillows and he digs in like he’s hibernating for the winter.
So, is sleeping style inherited? Is there some weird recessive gene for burrowing. Should I get out my Punnett Square and start playing?Hmmm. Would Burrowing be a dominant trait since both boys are burrowers? Fishdog definitely isn’t a burrower, but he could be a ‘burrower’ gene carrier. Crap, I can’t remember. I do know that genetics was about the only part of science I enjoyed. It must’ve been if I could remember Punnett Square.Did you inherit anything quirky from your folks or did your kids inherit something quirky from you? And do you think it was nature or nurture that caused it?