Aw Naw! I’ve been hi-jacked!!!

Mr. Mel has hi-jacked this blog for a moment. Shut up and have a good time.

Now, if any of you have ever had the pleasure of meeting Mrs. Geraci, then you’d know exactly why I whisked the phone away from mama and proceeded to bogart time with MG.

And yes, the loverly Maria G. has been a sounding board for some of Santa’s gifts this Xmas.

And yes, it’s gives mama the red ass to be kept out of the “circle of trust” and given the silent treatment.

If you email me with a convincing argument, I may be compelled to add you to the “circle of trust” and fill you in on the details of her Xmas giftage.

But you couldn’t divulge. There’s too much fun to be had in not divulging!!!

Can ya hear her squirm all the way over there? Can ya?

Music to my ears…

Fishdog – out!

15 thoughts on “Aw Naw! I’ve been hi-jacked!!!

  1. Aww…now I feel bad. NOT! ROTFL! Sorry, Mel.

    I DO know how you feel. There’s a whopping huge box under the tree with my name on it, and I don’t have a clue. It’s driving me NUTS! My other family members taunt me. Meanies, all.


  2. Tell oh Tell
    Oh nice Mr Mel
    I can’t keep a scret to save my life
    -especially not from your wonderful wife…

    Kate in a poetic frame of mind


  3. Oooo.. what a nifty idea.

    Hijack the Mel’s blog and tease her.

    E…we think alike.

    Mr. Mel, you wicked man. 😀

    kait at kait danaher dot com

    It beats hounding Dawg to tell me what he’s planning, that dirty rascal. 😉


  4. hmmm. can i trust you people not to tell? i mean, you don’t know mama’s bad side like i do (it’s her left, btw). she’s been known to apply pressure in ways… wait, that’s a good thing.


  5. LOL!

    This has made its way to Fitness Friday.

    It is hard to keep a secret, especially from sweet Mel (I haven’t seen that bad side yet). But . . . it HAS been awhile since I’ve been part of a conspiracy. *muwhahahaha*


  6. I can keep a secret, just ask Pamela about how I kept quiet about her wins. >:)

    Teasing your sweet wife put a smile on my face.

    I bet you’re such a sweetie to sweet Mel.

    Happy holidays.

    Evil k


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