fun with pictures

So, we went to Lake Oauchita (pronounced WASH i tah) over the weekend. I would’ve blogged about that Monday had we not come home to a 92 degree house.

Now that we’re back to proper climate control, I can get back to the blog that shoulda been.

Two other couples met us at the lake, Birdrunner and her family and my old boss/friend who now lives in Little Rock, Allison, and her family.

Now, you may think we had fun by looking at the slideshow, however I can assure you the best pictures are below.

We’re not really sure what Birdrunner was thinking when she sat on the styrofoam ice chest, but let me tell ya, I’m really glad she did it, cuz I haven’t laughed like that in a looooooong time.

8 thoughts on “fun with pictures

  1. Great pics! And it does look like y’all had tons of fun.

    But um…shouldn’t you be writing or something? (Says the woman who needs to take her own advice.)


  2. We had a similar incident back at Hendrix…difference was it was indoors at a second floor apartment with hardwood floors that were covered an inch deep in water (or at least that’s how I remember it)….and the girl was just fookin stoopid…noone was surprised.


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