13 year old logic–or lack thereof

Me: Ian, you haven’t done your literature. It’s incomplete. It’s inaccurate.

Ian: (Shrug)

Me: Why?

Ian: (Shrug. Lip smack. Eye roll. ) Because it is.

Me: (steam flowing from my ears. Blood streaming from my nose due to the aneurysm) Explain why it just is. With words. Minus the visuals and sound effects. (I think I growled, and then I popped a ventricle from trying not to yell…)

Ian: I don’t like that teacher. That’s why it just is.

He doesn’t like his teacher? So in order to hurt his teacher, he doesn’t do his work?

Yeah. That’s some logic right there. I mean, that’s like uber-advanced-college-thesis-level logic. It’s so high level, I need a diagram to help me understand.

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