you know his speech was bad when…

Even FOX NEWS calls Paul Ryan a big fat liar…

Do me a favor, go to and read the non-partisan facts about both candidates/parties and their rhetoric. Just do it instead of being all Yellow Dog or Tea Bagger.

I’m the biggest liberal on earth but I (probably)would have voted for McCain had he been the nominee instead of Dubya. I didn’t agree with him 100% but…he had a spine. He stood for something and ran on his own platform. But since he didn’t tow the party line, he didn’t get the nom. Sadly, he caved to party demands when he ran against Obama and completely flip-flopped on his core beliefs…and to make matters even worse, he chose that dumbass as a running mate. Talk about shooting himself in the foot. Geez.

Mitt Romney did the same thing, btw. He has completely flipped his switch. Check this out…what he always believed in vs. his current platform. You can’t deny this…since it’s Mitt Romney’s own words.

Here’s Fact Check’s rundown of Ryan’s speech. He’s a liar with a big fat L-I-A-R. The Republican party isn’t even trying to hide the fact they’re lying…they are just running on the belief they think they’re smarter than the people who are voting for them.

Sorry, I try not to talk politics much on this blog, but I have to say, our country is headed in a direction that frightens me as a woman and as an American. I can’t imagine anyone would actually willingly vote for these two guys. Especially anyone with a vagina. These two douches are freaking sketchy and dishonest and they support taking away women’s rights bit-by-bit. Paul Ryan actually had the nerve to call rape another “method of conception” as his justification for denying the right to choose for women and girls who are victims of rape and incest. Before you know it, they’ll be forcing women to marry their rapists because it says so in the bible. (I mean, that’s how they justify everything else, right?)

Ugh. Ugh. Ugh. People who blindly follow their party instead of asking questions scare me. Are people really so stupid that they can’t see where this regime will take us if we allow it? Religiously based governments are only good for those in power. And they’re never good for women. Like Obama or not, these two misogynistic assholes are NOT good for the country (unless you’re a white male who makes 7 figures.)

ETA: They REALLY AREN’T hiding the fact that they’re running on lies. Check this out: (from the mouth of a Romney Aide)

 “Fact checkers come to this with their own sets of thoughts and beliefs, and we’re not going to let our campaign be dictated by fact checkers,” he said. The fact-checkers — whose institutional rise has been a feature of the cycle — have “jumped the shark,” he added after the panel.

Damn you FACT checkers for CHECKING THE FACTS and telling everyone we’re liars. But that’s okay because we don’t care. We know there are people blindly following us no matter we say… Fact Checkers. Bah. UGH.

just. say. no.

To the “New Footloose.”

Really? REALLY?

Team Bacon all the way.

I’m actually a little horrified they’ve remade this movie. I know I have friends who want to go see it, but I just don’t. It’s a travesty. That would be like remaking 16 Candles, Dirty Dancing, Breakfast Club, Pretty in Pink or Any John Cusack movie…

Dear Movie Industry,

Quit messing with my childhood. Footloose is an iconic movie that should have been left alone. Your remake is unnecessary and as Matt Cherette of Gawker says, “will ruin your childhood when it hits theaters in October.” I don’t want my childhood ruined.


life lessons from Survivor

Before I get into my blog, check out this awesome pic I took yesterday while waiting for the storms to pass so we could FINALLY watch a baseball game. We gave up after 3 hours…and 15 minutes later the sun came out and they played the game. Of course…


Dear Russell from Survivor,

I admired your devious form of play in Survivor Samoa. We had never seen
anything quite like you…burning your teammates’ socks, emptying all the water,
finding immunity idols without clues…yes, you were pretty amazing. And we
tolerated your obnoxiousness for the sake of entertaining TV.

Yes, you made it to the final 3 of Samoa but no, you didn’t win because
Survivor is just as much a social game as it is a strategic game. You seemed to
forget all about that and when you wound up in the finals with one of the most
social players of your season, you got your ass kicked.

No votes. As expected.

Fast forward to this past season of Heroes vs Villains. DID YOU NOT LEARN
ANYTHING? Oh wait, nop you didn’t. You played the exact same game and took 2 of
the most social women to the finals with you, even bragging that there was no
way Sandra would win.

Um, guess who won?

Yeah. Sandra. A former million dollar winner, who by all rights should have
had a tough time winning because she had won before…yeah, she kicked your

Parvati also got a few votes.

But you? Nope. Not one vote. And then you tell Jeff Probst that if America
could vote you’d be the clear winner.

Um, guess what? You’re wrong. You play a mean game and make for entertaining
TV, but you’re dumb as a box of rocks if you couldn’t figure out that you needed
to develop a more social game. You lost the million bucks because you’re an
idiot. An egotistical, self-righteous, misogynistic IDIOT.

It amazes me when people continue to make the same mistake over and over and
over again. Oh well, they make that bed, guess they have to learn to lie in

You get what you deserve,

And on another note:

Dear JT,

I think you’re adorable and if you ever find yourself in Arkansas, look me


reginerating brain cells

We only thought we were cold at the Liberty Bowl.

It’s freezing in Central Arkansas right now, with no relief in sight for a few days. and we have another possiblity of sleet/snow, but I’m a little skeptical. Mainly because I want it to happen so badly, that I know it won’t.

Here’s hoping for a big blanket-of-snow surprise tomorrow.

I have a headache today and I can’t seem to shake it. Not sure if it’s the weather or just my state of mind. Even the miracle cure of BC Powder and a Coke Zero didn’t work. I think my brain cells are punishing me for making them watch The Bachelor: On the BOOBS of Love and Conveyor Belt of Love on Monday night.

And then yesterday, I topped it off with a couple of episodes of Jersey Shore–because I just wasn’t feeling stupid enough.

Here’s a fun little spoof of Jersey Shore that is sadly, quite accurate. This is NSFW and not safe for anyone under 17. You have been warned.

a violation of rights

I’m thoroughly disgusted right now.

When I ran Rader to school this morning, I noticed my Obama yard sign had ‘fallen’ over. It looked odd because a: there was no wind last night and b: I had buried the sign pretty deep in the yard. I called Fishdog and told him it looked funny but that I would check it out when I got home.

It was just as I had suspected. Someone stole the sign post. At least they were kind enough to leave me my sign. (which is now tacked up on my tree…)

You know what? You have every right to disagree with me and my politics. But you have NO RIGHT to enter my yard and tamper with my property.

When I picked up the sign in Oxford, they told me that I would need to take it in at night because the signs were being slashed, stolen, and run over. I had a hard time believing that. I thought maybe it had happened just randomly or as a practical joke between friends.

I guess I was wrong.

What is the purpose of infringing on my rights to express my opinion? Did they think it would change my opinion? Did they think maybe if there was one less Obama sign up that people wouldn’t magically forget he was running?

What gives you the right to tell me my opinion is invalid? Because basically when you take the sign out of my yard or rip my bumper sticker off my car, you’re quashing my freedom of speech. And buddy, I hate to tell you, but I’ll fight tooth and nail for the right to express my opinion.

Get ready. The fight is on.

My yard. My sign. My freedom of speech. If you don’t like it, you don’t have to drive by my house. But trust me when I say by this afternoon, you’ll know damn good and well I’m supporting Obama.

More pictures to follow.

BTW: Author Maureen Johnson started a group called YA for Obama to encourage teens to get involved. Pop over and check it out. Opposing views are welcome.

I tried to resist.

I swore I would never get political on this blog. But I think I’m going to have to break that promise to myself. I have no problem discussing differing views, but NO FLAMING allowed. None. Not even toward the candidates. Sorry. It ain’t gonna happen on this blog. It’s okay if you have a different opinion than I do. It’s okay if you don’t like the candidates. It is NOT okay to personally attack anyone. K? I will initiate my autocratic right to delete any comment that I think is personal and inflammatory. You’ve been warned.

The one thing I want most in this world is peace. In my opinion the war we’re fighting has nothing to do with the attack on our country and everything to do with oil. It sickens me. (BTW, I said during the 2000 election that if W is elected, the first thing he’ll do is finish his daddy’s war. I’m smarter than a 5th grader.)

Seriously. I’m trying so hard to resist being political. You just don’t know.

So I’m going to give in. I am. I can’t hold it back any longer.

I’m scared that our country may not recover from its current state. I’m terrified that Sarah Palin may be in line to be the next President. (let’s face it: John McCain is old and not in the best of health.) Plus,I can not believe that more people are not outraged with the past 8 years, the state of our economy, and the state of our country.

It’s insulting that this woman was chosen. It was totally a political move. It’s not even about her experience or lack thereof, it’s about what she stands for. The more I find out about her, the more disgusted I am. This is NOT a woman I want to be in the White House.

While serving as Mayor of Wasilla, to save the city/community money, Palin billed sexual assault victims anywhere from $300-$1200 for their rape kits. Sure they used the excuse of being able to bill insurance companies when they could…Aw. thanks. Just one more reason for the insurance industry to raise premiums. And what about those victims who were uninsure? Tough titty. Of course, they would never charge a victim of a burglury for gathering evidence. I guess it’s cheaper to conduct an investigation of a house violation than a body violation.

She slashed funds by 20% for a program that gave teenage moms and their babies a place to live while they worked and saved money. It’s nice that she and her family can support Bristol’s choice but not every girl has a family to back them. And cutting almost $2 million from that program shows exactly how Palin feels about teenage pregnancy. Actions over words, madam.

Palin asked the Wasilla librarian about the process for having certain objecitonable books banned (no books were named) and when the librarian balked at any form of censorship–Palin fired her. NIIIIICE. Sure, she finally relented after a huge public outcry of the citizens, but come on…she FIRED HER for taking a stance against book banning. (NY Times article. You may have to register to read it, but it’s free) As a writer, this makes my butthole pucker.

This woman doesn’t belong in a position of power. I’m sorry. She victimizes victims, takes money from those who need it the most (but she allowed her family to expense $43,000 of instate travel. Yes, I know they’re allowed a per diem as the first family, but please, don’t talk about cutting “unnecessary state spending” by charging rape victims or taking money from teenage moms who are trying to get on their feet when you’re allowing your daughters to fly all over the state for dinners and parties.) And she is all for banning books. There’s other stuff out there…but these are the 3 things that tell me this woman doesn’t think before she acts and that is not a person I want to have control over the nuclear codes.

And this certainly isn’t the direction I think this country needs to head in. There. I feel better now. Thanks for letting me spew. It’s been killing me.

Now for some humor. Michael Palin for President

manic monday…

I’m still beating the horse over at Fictionistas. This time with More Links!

So I told y’all that Fishdog and Nemo did the paintball thing yesterday. Holy shit they came back all bruised up. And they were dressed head to toe in fatigues. Nemo even had on a 2nd pair of pants underneath is fatigues.

Behold the madness. Will somebody please explain to me how this paintball thing can possibly be fun?

begin rant

Had to run to the store real quicklike tonight because we were out of beer needed a ream of paper and other assorted sundries.

USA Drug is about a half mile from the house and perfect for a quick errand.


I load up my basket with my 6 items. I get in line. And I wait.

and wait.

The clerk seems a little slow (I don’t mean slow as in slow. I mean just not in a real big hurry.) But we finally get to the lady in front of me. She scans her 40 million items and the lady hands her coupons.

This is where my head nearly popped-the-fuck-off.

The clerk took each coupon and found the exact item in the bag before she would scan the coupon. The lady gave her at least 10 coupons. She had 5 bags full of shit.

It took the clerk another 10 minutes to scan the coupons. I wish I was kidding.

They did not open another line, so of course, by the time the clerk finished, there were at least 5 people in line behind me.

I nearly screamed at her. Instead, I tweeted. I felt amazingly better after that.

/end rant

dmv and high blood pressure


I go to the DMV today to tag my car and switch my MS license over to AR. Because I want this to be as painless as possible, I do my research.

Back in June, I tried to switch my license over, so I went online to find out what the requirements were. I found out all I needed to do was bring my license and my social security card. However, when I get there, I am told that they no longer accept social security cards as a form of ID (even though their website clearly states that’s all I need). Thanks to homeland security, my birth certificate is required now.

Okay fine. I go online and order a replacement birth certificate because it would take me weeks/months/years to find which box the one I have is stored in.

Birth certificate arrives. I go back to DMV very proud that I now have everything required to get my license. Except that I don’t.

Dude behind the counter, who apparently has a problem with enunciation, says:

dmv: Your name don’t match.

me: sorry?

dmv: your name don’t match.

me: (clearly exasperated) what do you mean my name don’t match? Here is my birth certificate as I was told to bring. Here is my MS DL… what’s the problem?

dmv: you weren’t told by me.

me: Sigh. No I was told by another lady that this was what I needed to change my license over.

dmv: yeah. but you need your marriage license too. So your name will match.

Okay, I don’t explode (proud?) I go home and tear up my house for the marriage license…which I finally find. I make myself some cookies and eat about a pound of cookie dough before I head back to hell the DMV.

I stand in line again. And of course, I wind up with Mr. lack of Enunciation.

me: (smiling because I have to) I’m back! Here’s all my stuff.

dmv: (eying both the marriage and birth certs carefully. He walks over to the copier with the certificates and my DL…then turns to me and says) Your name ain’t the same.

me: sorry?

dmv: your name is spelled different on the birth cert than it is on the DL.

me: yes. they misspelled my name on the birth cert. But everything else is right.

dmv: might be a problem. (he makes the copies then comes back to desk) You had a license in AR before?

me: yes.

dmv: under what name? You got both Francis and McKenzie and McKenzie Francis.

me: under both names

dmv: (gives me the raised eyebrow to fuck with me look)

me: I was born here. My first license was McKenzie. I got married here, so it switch to Francis. It’s now legally McKenzie Francis no hyphen)

dmv: (pulling up prior license) We gotta problem.

me: (totally exasperate) Oh? what’s that?

dmv: Your name is wrong. Your not McKenzie Francis in our system. You’re just Francis.

me: I didn’t change it on my SSN until about 5 years ago, but it’s McKenzie Francis now. Promise.

dmv: Hm. So which name are you now? cuz when I put you in, if you don’t match, there’s a problem

me: you have my MS DL in front of you! That is my legal name. THAT is what I want. THAT is who I am.

dmv: But it isn’t in our system like that.


dmv: Okay. so which name?


he does his thing. I take my piccie (actually kinda cute) then I ask him about voter registration.

dmv: I can register you. Which name?

Okay, can I just tell you, that man is lucky to still be alive? Seriously. It actually goes on from there, but I just can’t relive it. There’s not enough booze in the house to get me through.