oh alice!

That damn Alice never did come bail me out. I still blame Sam. Last I heard, he had whisked her off to Jamaica and they were have a good time at Hedonism. Well, despite the fact she abandoned me for Naked Twister, my kitchen is clean and I did manage to vacuum the front room and do some laundry. That’s about it.

We had a busy weekend. Ian had detention Saturday. (which was totally my fault. I kept a signed slip of paper an extra day. He got written up for it. Excessive much?) Anyway, after detention, Rader had basketball practice for 2 hours and Ian had a soccer game in a town 30 minutes away. Then we had a friend in town who stopped by for a visit.

Sunday we did it all again. Ian went to watch his girlfriend play soccer and we took Rader to his soccer game in Conway (where Ian’s game was Saturday). It was BLUSTERY! We had 76 degree (but windy) weather Saturday, and yesterday it was barely 50 degrees and so windy I thought we were gonna blow away! WTF? I want my spring weather back, dammit!

Last night, Fishdog and I watched No Reservations. Okay, I don’t know about you guys, but I’m sick to death of these movies being advertised as something they are not. It’s not a romantic comedy. Not even close. It had its moments, but it was definitely not a “funny movie.” It was more boring than anything. And serious. I wasn’t happy.

We have August Rush and Mr. Woodcock left to watch. Hopefully they will be better.

Did y’all do anything fun this weekend? Is your house cleaner than mine? I hope so.

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