can’t get enough of your love babe

Yesterday’s writing was much more successful. It was almost the sonic boom of writing. I felt the earth move, that’s for sure. Today is going to be a challenge. Schools are closed, so I have to deal with a houseful of people. The earth may be moving today, but in a ‘opening up and swallowing the kids’ kinda way.

Speaking of the earth moving…

I took the boys to meet their grandmother at the movie on Sunday. We got there a little early, so I parked and we just waited in the car. I had my crackberry, so I was happy as a clam texting my friend and trying to take incriminating pics of the boys so I can embarrass them on Facebook. I love being a mom.

After a few minutes, Ian says, “Mom, they’re totally making out over there.” I figured he was just trying to divert me from my picture taking quest, but then one look at his pink ears and open mouth and I realized he was telling the truth.

So I glance at the car next to me and HOLY VOYEUR BATMAN! were they making out! They had laid the passenger seat all the way down and the girl was laid all the way out on the dude. (Thought it was two girls at first. Dude had some long hair, but no. Boy and girl.)

They weren’t out of high school, but were probably both 16. The total abandon they had while dry humping amazed me. I’ll admit, I watched for a while, completely forgetting my kids were in the car. (There goes Mother of the Year again. Dammit!) But I was fascinated (and yeah, I like to watch I was watching for research! Sue me.) It was broad damn daylight. They weren’t even parked in the back of the lot…it was the middle row, maybe the 4th slot. There were cars all around us. If they had wanted privacy, they would’ve gone somewhere else. Or waited til dark.

Listen, I’ll admit to some parking love during the early years. It’s fun. And naughty. But even I wasn’t brave enough to just park in the middle of a busy day time parking lot and work my way to 2nd base.

Ian tried to pretend not to watch, that was kinda funny. Once they laid the seat down, he couldn’t see anything from where he was sitting, but I had a bird’s eye view. So when the girl slipped her shirt off, I got a really good look at her pretty purple lace bra. (It was a dark purple, almost eggplant) And I got another really good look as the boy’s nervous hand moved from her shoulder, to under her strap, to down…

And then I started the car and drove away. Because you know, there’s only so much watching a girl can do (in the name of research of course) with her kids in the car. And even though I know the kids couldn’t see anything, I couldn’t in good conscience stay there any longer (unfortunately). So I dropped them off with my mom and drove back to my spot to finish watching home. I will admit to being curious. Did he get her bra off? In the middle of a busy parking lot? In broad daylight?

What say you?

In honor of our young horny couple, I offer you Barry White, dressed in awesome.

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