surviving an intergalactic space battle

War was waged above my house three different times last night.

Do you know how hard it is to dream about pool boys and hot tubs when an intergalactic battle is being fought in the sky above you?

Damn hard. I still somehow managed though–that’s how good I am.

Some ugly-ass storms made their way through Little Rock. After bed, the first one hit around 12:30. It was so loud and bright that the house shook and it woke my oldest up from the dead.

The next round hit about 3:30. Wow. It was another angry storm, but not nearly as war-like as the first.

It’s still raining this morning. It’s been raining pretty much straight since Saturday. I need some vitamin D–I got way too spoiled in Florida with all the sunshine. Although I’m pretty sure they’re gonna be getting this weather now, so if I go back, it’s gonna be AFTER this front passes.

I’m in an all day conference today. Everyone at work has been telling me these are fun, but I’m not so sure I believe them. But that’s okay. I won’t be in my cubicle today, so there’s a silver lining.

Did you buy Maria Geraci’s book BUNCO BABES TELL ALL yesterday? [picking up my bat] You’re doing it today, right?

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