Before I get to today’s blog, I just want to say, that yesterday I received a lovely shipment of BUNCO BABES TELL ALL by Maria Geraci and the book looks amazing in person. I love it. Have you received yours yet? Have you bought your copy yet? Don’t make me pick up my bat…

Now onto today’s regularly scheduled blog topic. And by ‘regularly scheduled’ I mean whatever I decided to write about 5 minutes ago. Because that’s just how I roll…

See this blurry picture of a four-leaf clover? I took that pic the other day after I finished my walk. Then I plucked that bad boy and now it’s taped to my laptop.

When I was a kid, I had a knack for finding four-leaf clovers. Actually, I wouldn’t even call it a knack. It was more like I’d look down and A FOUR-LEAF CLOVER WOULD START JUMPING UP AND DOWN AND SAY ‘HEY LOOK AT ME!’ and I would.

That’s pretty much what happened Monday when I found this one. I was just finishing my walk, and was about to go up my driveway when I looked down and there it was.

As a kid (okay and as an adult, too) I would spend hours entertaining myself by hunting for four-leaf clovers. One afternoon, I found a record number of 12. That must have been my luckiest day ever–funny I don’t remember anything else special happening that day.

Did you ever hunt for four-leaf clovers? I’ll admit it, since I found this one on Monday, I’ve been wishing the rain would go away so I could get back out in my yard and look for more. They never grow alone…

Happy Thursday everyone!

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