fever, football, ceiling fans, and Polanski

I’m at home with a feverish kid today. Have my fingers crossed it’s just a fever bug and not the *whispers* flu. He seems to be okay right now, so maybe it’s just a 24 hour thing…though it did start yesterday when he had a headache that was making him cry.


Don’t you hate it when your babies are sick?

I cleaned off my desk yesterday, my friend Chris came over and installed a ceiling fan for me and I actually got the living room and dining room cleaned.

I also made some damn good chili and watched a lot of football. I love a good rainy Sunday.

Oh, and I caught up on some dvr’d shows. Am I the only one who thinks this season of Hell’s Kitchen sucks? I mean, there’s one dude I like, but none of them seem to be very good chefs and we’re down to the final four? WTF? Also, I was sad Louise got the boot in Project Runway…I liked her.

Today I blogged at Fictionistas about this Roman Polanski bullshit…and I started a list of real people who deserve our admiration. Pop over and add to the discussion.

Did you have a productive weekend? Tell me all about it.

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