a jumble-aya

Monday is my day at Fictionistas. I posted some random tidbits about myself.

This weekend was a good one…mainly b/c the Hogs put the smackdown on the Auburn Tigers! YAY! 2 tough wins in a row and our first conference win against a ranked team!

I did some cleaning, laundry, and…I did some PLOTTING! Yes! I worked with my pal Maria and came up with a decent little story idea. Can’t talk about it right now, but I’m working on the synopsis/proposal.

It felt good to work on something new again.

I discovered that my pal Gwen Hayes got into a Twitter Fight with Scott Baio over the weekend. I’m sad to find out that Chachi is actually a tool. He crushed my childhood crush. Guess it’s a good thing I liked Leif Garret better. (though truthfully, Chachi did age better than Leif…however, I’m over both of them now. LOL)

It’s still rainy and overcast and making me feel like I live in the Pacific Northwest instead of Little Rock, AR. My mood is very much influenced by the weather, so I’m ready for some clear, crisp fall days. I’m tired of feeling tired.

I caught up on some dvr’d shows. I’m really digging Cougar Town and Modern Family. Mad Men is a little disappointing this season, but I’m sticking with it. Drop Dead Diva is my new favorite off-season show (finale was last night) and I’m kinda back into Grey’s Anatomy now that they’ve killed off George. (I actually liked George, but I never could understand how that puppy got so much tail in the show. Really seemed out of character for his character.) I love The Mentalist. Hell’s Kitchen is the best of the worst this season–seriously, I’m not sure how any of the top 3 will manage being a head chef (that said, I really do love Dave). And I thought they kicked off the wrong person in Project Runway last week.

I heart the DVR. Best creation ever.

Anything going on with you guys? Any TV you’re loving/hating/leaving in the dust?

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