another dirty little secret

I’ve confessed a few dirty little secrets before:

But I have another secret I must share. But before I do, I need you to promise you won’t judge me. I couldn’t stand it if you judged me…

Okay, here goes…

I used to have a cartoon crush on the Heat Miser…but now, I have a real live version of him to love!

Kevin Miser Gillespie from Top Chef!

Tell me you don’t think they could be the same person? Go on, I dare ya.

Now if you’re familiar with the classic holiday film A YEAR WITHOUT A SANTA CLAUS, you might be wondering why I didn’t have a crush on the wittier brother, Snow Miser. The answer is simple, really…Snow Miser had snotcicles. Seriously, who could crush on a guy with snotcicles?
So in my youth, I had a crush on a poorly animated dude named Heat Miser and as an adult, I’m totally crushing on Kevin G from Top Chef. Sure he can cook…but really, the reason I’m a little bit in love with him is because I know, his secret identity. (he can melt things with a touch…he’s too much!)

WTF? seriously, why didn’t they send Robin home? She’s a hack. And annoying. I was so shocked. I yelled at the tv like it was a Razorback football game and we were having to play both the opposing team and the refs….

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